Sales Effectiveness (ROI) Calculator

Use this calculator to find out how much money your company can make by providing your sales team with the enablement they need to increase their effectiveness.

Deal size:
Enter your current deal size (average)

By qualifying leads and opportunities better, sharing best-practices, and coaching your salespeople, average deal sizes will increase.
Win Rates:
Enter your current win rate (average)

By translating a buyer-focused sales strategy into an informative and actionable sales process, you will impact win rates.
Ramp-up time:
Enter the current ramp-up time for a new salesperson (average)

If you provide structured onboarding and enablement, new hires will start earning revenues faster.
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Number of salespeople:
Number of salespeople that are currently ramped up.

The average number of deals per salesperson and year.
New hires/year:
Number of new salespeople hired per year.
Sales enablement investment:
The amount you will invest in sales enablement to achieve your targets.
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Year 1:
How much improvement will you achieve in the first year?
Year 2:
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Year 3:
And by the end of year 3?
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